Services Offered

RIT SNL Fab Services and Capabilities

The capabilities of the SNL include:

  • Wafer cleaning, ion implantation and diffusion, and high temperature processing both with conventional tube furnaces and RTP systems.
  • CVD / PECVD deposition capabilities are available for oxides, nitrides, and polysilicon. A variety of vacuum systems are available for sputtering and thermal evaporation of metals and dielectrics.
  • Lithography, including automated coating and development systems combined with a set of two 5:1 steppers with capabilities down to 0.40 microns, as well as 1:1 contact lithography and an electron beam exposure system for photo mask production.
  • Plasma etch capabilities for silicon, oxides, nitrides, and metals and provision for a broad variety of wet chemical etch processes as well as copper electroplating and CMP.
  • Complete prototyping of devices and systems with help from the electrical and surface analytical characterization labs, microelectronics layout and computer simulation facilities, and in-house industry-standard electronics packaging capability.

The RIT SNL offers a wide range of services from single process up to foundry services.
It is by no means a complete list, please contact us so that we can discuss your needs.

Foundry Services

The SNL has a 2um CMOS process with an effective L of 1.5um.

  • We have run this process for customers using their design and incorporating our test structure for test verification.
  • Aluminum and Tungsten gate metals have been processed - others are possible.
  • Our Vt's are well matched but implant splits are possible.
  • Typical run time is ~8 weeks

Details about the RIT SMFL CMOS Process, Performance, Specifications, and Options

If you require this information or a quote on your process, please contact T. Grimsley