Safety in the RIT SNL

SNL Users Manual

SNL Standard Operating Procedures can be found here - pdf document

It contains all of the safety information for the SNL

  • Section 5 - General Lab Safety 

This section details emergencies in the cleanroom that users could be faced with and our responses.

SNL Lab General Lab Safety and Emergency Procedures

  • Section 6 - Chemical Safety and Chemical Procedures

This section deals with our chemical procedures from entry to waste.  It also talks about the dangers of HF and TMAH.

SNL Chemical Safety and Chemical Procedures

SDS Information

The RIT SNL maintains it's SDS database of Standard Chemistry on this wiki.

  • There are several computers in the cleanroom - the recommended ones to access for SDS information are:
    • Gowning
    • Photo 1
    • Photo 2
  • These computers are all marked with the yellow /black SDS sign above them.

SNL Safety Training

The SNL has a vigorous safety training program with two main access levels.

More information can be found here