Procedures in the RIT SNL

SNL Standard Operating Procedures

All of the SNL procedures are contained within one document entitled SNL Standard Operating Procedures

Some specifics and shortcuts

  • Section 1 - Lab Access

Information about Safety Training

Information about off hours access

SNL Off Hours Access Form

The SNL Pricing schedule

SNL Academic Pricing

SNL Commercial Pricing

  • Section 2 - Starting a Project

Information about how to start a project for both internal and external users can be found here

SNL Project Form

  • Section 3 - Cleanroom Procedures

Contains information about

Gowning and appropriate dress

Appropriate materials and project storage

Phones, expected behavior and chemical storage

Importing Chemistry 

SNL Imported Chemical Worksheet

  • Section 4 - Tool Certifications and Reservation System

The SNL uses the Facilities Online Manager (FOM) software to make reservations and control most of the tools in the cleanroom.

Before users can use the tools, they must be certified - this information can be found here.

SNL Tool Certification Form

Below are links on how to access the FOM system and then how to use it if you are going to be an active user in the SNL

SNL FOM Access Instructions

SNL FOM Usage Instructions

  • Section 5 - General Lab Safety 

This section details emergencies in the cleanroom that users could be faced with and our responses.

SNL Lab General Lab Safety and Emergency Procedures

  • Section 6 - Chemical Safety and Chemical Procedures

This section deals with our chemical procedures from entry to waste.  It also talks about the dangers of HF and TMAH.

SNL Chemical Safety and Chemical Procedures