SNL Safety Training

This information is contained in Section 1 of the SNL Operation Procedures. Key elements are repeated here.

There are two basic types of Safety Training - Class and Researcher.

Class Training

  • For those taking a lab in the SNL - basic safety training.

  • This level enables user to operate in the SNL under supervision of Instructor/TA/Researcher

  • No certification/login on tools.

  • Tool operation is done under the supervision of a Certified User for that tool.

  • Is offered through RIT’s Mycourses platform.


Researcher Safety Training

  • For those working independently in the SNL.

  • It is usually offered every week in he beginning of the semester and monthly thereafter.

    • Training is composed of a 1 hour tour of the lab followed by an online test.

  • Appropriate for upper level students actively processing wafers in lab sections.

    • For example - MicroE students working on their senior project.

  • Those completing Researcher Training are able to be certified on tools.

  • This safety training is renewed every year through Refresher Training.

  • Access to the lab except for the wet etch bays - Chemical is needed


Chemical Use Endorsement

  • Is available for those with a Researcher Badge – enables user to perform chemical processing in the Wet Etch Bays.

    • It is expected that users requesting this will have some chemical lab background/training.

    • This is comprised of a tour of the wet etch bays and review of the expected knowledge followed by a more difficult online test.

    • This is what people attempting this endorsement are expected to know.

    • Upon completion of the SNL Chemical Appreciation Tour and passing the SNL Chemical Use Test - users will get a Beaker symbol on their Researcher badge denoting this endoresment.

      • This endorsement is renewed on an annual basis in addition to your Researcher badge - part of the Refresher Training.

      • Users can work with others having the chemical endorsement or work with an SNL Superuser - all of whom have this.



  • All lab users must pass a yearly safety test.

  • You must have passed a safety test within the past year in order to access the facilities.

  • Upon successful completion of the test, a safety badge identifying the lab user will be issued. A valid safety badge is required in the lab. It is good for one year.

  • If you are found in the lab without a valid safety badge, you will be asked to leave immediately.

  • Visitors will be escorted at all times by an RIT employee with a valid safety badge.


All of this is summarized in this lovely table - Types of Badges and Certifications in the SNL